What are Apple Passkeys on iPhone 14 and How to Use Them?

What are Apple Passkeys on iPhone 14 and How to Use Them?

FIDO alliance makes Passkey the next generation of the password that you use every day.

Since this is a fresh and brand-new technology, most of the software and websites on the internet do not feature it yet. However, there are still some apps and websites that already work with Passkeys properly. If you want to have a try, try Kayak, eBay, PayPal, etc.

This could be a new era of account signing and logging in. Maybe people living their life years later will no longer need to remember their complicated passwords anymore.

1. What are Apple Passkeys?

What are Apple Passkeys?

It’s what Apple develops to kill all the traditional passwords that exist all around the world now. By using this thing, you can no longer take time to remember the password.

Also, Apple Passkeys will be safer than the original passwords.

2. How to Use Apple Passkeys on iPhone 14?

How to Use Apple Passkeys on iPhone 14?

Actually, this is just a replacement for the traditional password, but you can use it to access your app or website account a lot more easily.

The first time you take advantage of the Apple Passkeys you will be asked to save a passkey for the account user name you just entered. The Passkeys are going to be saved in the iCloud Keychain so you can sign in with it on all your device.

Then the next time you need to access your account, no password typing is required. All you have to do is show your face to pass the Face ID check or show your finger to pass the Touch ID check. This will be enough to verify your identity and let you control your account.

3. Why Apple Passkeys?

Why Apple Passkeys?


No phishing!

No need to remember password anymore!

Traditional passwords are common in our daily life but are you used to make different passwords for different apps/websites or are you used to just make one password for all?

If you’re unable to make & remember that many passwords or you’re just lazy so you use the one password for all, that only password will be so, so important. Once someone else gets this password, he/she will be able to use it to hack all of your accounts. This is a disaster for almost everyone and you might decide to make different passwords after reading this.

No, wait! If you set different passwords for every single different app/site, the passwords will be pretty easy to be forgotten, which is annoying. If you forgot the iPhone 14 lock screen passcode, Apple ID password, or iPhone 14 screen time password, you can use PasscodeGo to remove the passwords.

With Apple’s Passkeys, these will never be problems because you don’t need to remember your passwords that one day will be obsolete anymore.