How to Use PasscodeGo Like a Pro?

Got an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or other iOS device with lock screen password, screen time passcode, or Apple ID. However, you don't know its password or passcode at all because you bought that iOS device from others, or you just forgot it? Cannot access your own iPhone or iPad, or it's disabled as you have forgotten the password or passcode and entered the wrong one too many times?

Then you're in the right place and PasscodeGo is the powerful software that can help you solve all these problems mentioned above.

Tips: Please make sure iTunes has been installed on your PC or laptop already so that PasscodeGo can run properly & smoothly.

1. Remove Lock Screen Password on iOS Device: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Step 1: Install PasscodeGo on your Windows PC or Windows Laptop after downloading it. And then Run it and select Unlock Lock Screen to remove your iOS device's lock screen password.

select unlock lock screen

Next, just click Start.

click start

Then, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad with the computer and tap Next. It will then load the device info.

tap next

Note: If your computer can't recognize the iOS device, put it into DFU/Recovery mode following the steps displayed on PasscodeGo window, and it will be detected by this application.

Step 2: Download the Firmware Package Online on PasscodeGo.

Make sure that Find My iPhone is disabled, or you may need to enter your Apple ID & password after unlocking your iPhone.

Now you can see the Model Name of your iOS device, iOS firmware version to be downloaded, and the default download location below. Change the location to elsewhere if you need, and then click Download.

click download

Be patient as it'll take some time to download and verify the iOS firmware.

wait for download

Step 3: One-click to unlock your iOS device's screen.

You just need one click on the Unlock button, but make sure you've read the Note on it already.

click unlock

Step 4: Unlock lock screen successfully.

unlock lock screen successfully

2. Erase Apple ID without Password on iOS Device: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Before the following steps, please connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer, unlock the iOS device's screen, and tap to trust your computer.

Step 1: Open PasscodeGo and click Remove Apple ID.

click remove apple id

Step 2: Read the Note carefully and click Start.

read note and click start

Step 3: Follow the steps below (that may vary by iOS version) to reset all settings. Then PasscodeGo will then begin to erase the Apple ID for you.

Navigate to Settings > General > Reset.

Tap Reset All Settings to continue.

Enter your passcode to verify Reset All Settings.

reset all settings

Step 4: When finished, click Done.

click done

Step 5: Now you can access your iOS device without Apple ID.

3. Turn Off & Bypass Screen Time Passcode on iOS Device: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Before the following steps, please connect the iPhone/iPad to your computer, unlock the iOS device's screen, and tap to trust your computer.

Step 1: After you download and install PasscodeGo, open it and select Remove Screen Time Passcode.

select remove screen time passcode

Step 2: Click Start to bypass Screen time passcode.

click start to bypass screen time passcode

Step 3: Wait a few seconds to remove it.

wait for removing

Step 4: When you see Remove Screen Time Passcode Successfully!, it's done.

remove screen time passcode successfully

More: DFU Mode & Recovery Mode

If your computer or PasscodeGo cannot find and connect with your iOS device, you should put your iOS device in DFU or Recovery Mode so that it can be detected properly. Details are as follows.

DFU Mode (Device Firmware Update Mode):

dfu mode

Recovery Mode:

recovery mode