Can I Bypass iPhone Passcode without Losing Data?

Can I Bypass iPhone Passcode without Losing Data?

Can I bypass iPhone passcode? Yes! But can I do that without losing data? You may not be so sure. Read this article and you will get the exact answer.

Question 1

I have bought an iPhone XR for just 2 months, and yesterday I changed the old screen lock passcode on it to a new one cause I didn’t want my son to know the password. He always grabs my phone and plays with it all day. The thing is now I forget the passcode I just set. I have tried for so many times but all failed. Maybe I don’t remember the correct one. Is there any chance I can unlock or bypass iPhone passcode without losing data? I can tell my Apple ID and the password to it. Help please!

Question 2

Help! Is it possible to recover some or all of my data from a disabled iPhone if I can restore it and bypass the iPhone passcode? I have not taken the backup completely as iCloud memory was full, neither have synced with iTunes ever. I cannot afford to lose data as it's crucial. :(

data loss

On Quora, there are so many people that have met the similar problems. They want to reset or bypass iPhone screen passcode without losing any data as well. But sorry and I have to tell you that this can never work.

I think this is a good thing actually as Apple use this feature to make your iPhone and other iOS devices safe and to prevent from any potential data leak. Even if you lost your iPhone, your data and files on that device will still stay safe when you have set lock screen passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

Unless the screen password is so simple that others can easily figure it out, this design from Apple can protect the data and privacies of thousands of millions of users, including you, from being accessed by someone you don’t know because of the phone loss.

Do I have any other way to get into iPhone but not lose the data? – YES.


Without the iPhone screen passcode, we lose the chance to directly restore our data and documents from our iPhones. But we can still get our data back by other ways which are iTunes & iCloud Backup/Restore.

If you got an iTunes Backup or an iCloud Backup, plus you can still remember its password (if any), then congratulations and your data like Contacts, Messages, Photos, etc. can all be recovered. First you need to Factory Reset your iPhone (Erase iPhone) to delete and bypass the screen passcode, and then you can use iTunes on computer by a USB cable or iCloud feature on iPhone by the Internet to synchronize all the backup data back to your iPhone.

iTunes Backup

If that’s an iTunes Backup you got but you forgot its password, getting worried isn’t necessary as you can use an iTunes password recovery software to recover the backup password with great chances. The time spent depends on the complexity of the password, and you can refer to Easily Recover Locked iTunes Backup Password for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


iCloud Backup

If you got an iCloud Backup and you don’t remember the password to it, you can reset the Apple ID password by providing some key information, including a trusted email address you use to sign up this Apple ID account, a trusted mobile phone number, a recovery key, or an account recovery contact.